Get hands-on experience with models and actors on photoshoots!

In the heart of Hollywood & Online

Intensive Pro Make-up Course 2020 
Make-up kit, Photoshoot, Certificate, Set Job
Mon - Fri  11am - 5pm  Course 
available online



July             6th -  10th,  13th - 17th

Aug             3rd -   7th,   24th - 28th

Sept            7th -  25th,  14th -  18th

Oct             5th -  23rd, 24th - 28th

Nov             2nd - 6th,   16th = 20th

Pro Make-up Evening  2020 
Makeup-kit, Photoshoot, Certificate, Airbrush, 

Class is also Online


July            21st

Aug            4th

Sept           8th

Oct            6th

Nov            3rd

The Masterclass  2020

Includes all Courses, Professional Makeup Kits , Certificates, Airbrushing, FX, Hair, Job

July                       6th -  24th

Aug                       3rd -  21st

Sept                      7th - 25th

Oct                       5th - 23rd

Nov.                      2nd - 20th

Dec                        7th - 25th

Advanced Pro Make-up Course 
Make-up Kit, Airbrushing, Special Effects, Advanced Beauty, Industry Lecture


July          20th -  24th

Aug.          10th - 14th

Sept          14th - 18th

Learn Makeup for You 

Make-up Kit, Photoshoot, Certificate. Amazing class to learn how to do your own makeup for social media presentation or just for you.

July 20th


Professional Makeup Kit 

Airbrush Machine,FX, Certificate 

Learn professional makeup artistry online live from The JLS Makeup Studio in Hollywood, Ca. All makeup artists will receive their  professional makeup kits in the mail before the the course begins. Kits are fully loaded and set ready with all pro brands. All of our courses are available online at this time using the latest  technology. 

Prices are available upon request for online makeup classes.


Set-Ready Hair Styling Course 

Professional Hair Kit, Updos,  Braids, Blowout, Certificate

April   20th -  21st

May    18th  -  19th



 Wedding Makeup Course

Professional Makeup Kit, Wedding looks, Industry Lecture, Photoshoot, Certificate


Aug 24th

Tuition Fees 2020


Pro Make-up Course $1850
Advance Make-up Course $1850
Pro Hair Course $1850
Make-up Masterclass package rates availble on request!

Enrollment is provided on a first come first served basis. Seats are limited. To enroll and guarantee a seat a non refundable deposit payment must be paid for the amount of $300 USD. Should you wish to withdraw from the course before it begins we must receive your request in writing a minimum of 3 weeks prior to course start date. Less than 3 weeks before start date, there will be no refunds. There is a $150 cancellation fee.
 However students may re-register once within 8 weeks.


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JLS Professional Make-up Artist School provides the essential make-up artist training needed to become a professional make-up artist in the entertainment and fashion industries. Courses are centered around the newest innovative techniques focusing on beauty, fantasy, period make-up and weddings, social media, as well as make-up for black and white and color photography.
            The intensive training is taught by industry professionals with over 25 years experience who have worked on celebrities, bands, and fashion labels such as Charlize Theron, Tupac, Matchbox 20 and Radiohead to name a few, and brands such as Gucci, DVF, Anna Sui,  Estee Lauder, Stila, Nars and Makeup Forever. Classes will include corrective make-up using contouring and blending, and an introduction to special effects and airbrushing. Emphasis will be placed on artistic creativity and
individual style! The make-up courses are for the beginner and the professional make-up artist. Our curriculum is specifically designed to take any artist to the next level of their career. 
Make-up classes are held in a studio environment at the JLS Make-up Studio on Melrose Avenue, in the heart of Hollywood. Classes are limited to five students per class, to ensure ample one on one attention. All artists will receive a complete professional make-up kit with the essential brushes and make-up to take on jobs. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of each course. 


Blac Chyna

getting her

JLS Make-up  Artist  Certificate!


JLS Professional Makeup Artist School has met the requirements by the State of California by the Private Postsecondary Vocational Department of California since 2001



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